Course Structure

7-13onemo years

  • Basic Level (3 months).
  • Elementary B level(3 months).
  • Elementary A level(3 months)



  • Literacy on Physical Abacus.
  • Introduction Of Visual Abacus(Mental Calculations).
  • Improving Fine Motor Skills.
  • Improving Visual and Auditory skills.


All Age Groups:two

  • Intermediate A level(3 months).
  • Intermediate B level(3 months).


  • Stronger and Faster Arithmetic on Physical Abacus.
  • Better Knowledge Of Visual Abacus(Mental Calculation).
  • Better Recalling¬† Capacity and Focus.
  • Stimulation of both sides of the brain.


All Age Groups:themo

  • Higher A level(4 months).
  • Higher B level(4 months).
  • Advance¬† level(4 months).



  • Advance Basic Arithmetic
  • High Speed Mental Math.
  • Improved Self Esteem and Confidence.
  • Increase Span of Attention.
  • Multi-tasking.


All Age Groups:four.

  • Grand 1 level(5 months).
  • Grand 2 level(5 months).


  • Improved Concentration and mental endurance.
  • Sharper Memory.
  • Enhanced creativity.
  • Boost in confidence and self-esteem.
  • Improved proficiency and Confidence in Maths.
  • Improved overall academic performance.

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