UCMAS Student’s & Cource Instructor :

  1. Training….Training….Training…. !!

    Please be informed that the following dates have been fixed for the UCMAS CI training for OCTOBER-JANUARY 2014.





    9TH & 10TH OCT 2014



    10TH OCT 2014



    13TH  OCT 2014



    14TH OCT 2014



    5TH  OCT 2014


    7TH,8TH & GL1

    16TH OCT 2014



  2. I)            The Course Instructor who wants to repeat their previous level are also inviting.

    II)          The C.I must bring their completed sets of previous level books while coming for the training.

    III)        You should also bring your Student AbacusFlash Cards set in the CI Bag provided to you.

  3. IV)        Those who are eligible should confirm on 9781607113 and confirm participation. You will not be allowed to sit in the training without having received prior confirmation of participation.

    V)          Training will start at 09:30 am and would continue till 4:00 pmPlease reach the office at least 30 minutes before scheduled time to complete the preliminary formalities before start of training.

  4. Competition Phases :

  5. 1. Phases of Competition and International Grading Exam for Students .
    1. UCMAS State Level Competition.Abacus_8x12-08
    2. UCMAS National Level Competition.
    3. UCMAS International Level Competition.
    4. International Grading Exam for UCMAS Students.
  6. 2. Phases of Competition for Course Instructor .

    1. UCMAS Course Instructor State Level.
    2. UCMAS Course Instructor National Level Competition.
    3. UCMAS Course Instructor International Level Competition.
  1. Venue of 13th National Level 2014 :

  2. Date : 2nd and 3rd Aug 2014

    Venue : Delhi University Sports Complex (Multipurpose Hall)

    Opp. Delhi University Stadium.

    Delhi University North Campus , New Delhi

  3. Result of the competition is posted on the official website of the competition : www.ucmasindianlc.com on 3rd August 2014.

Greetings !!

UCMAS PUNJAB ,CHD & HP won a total of 412 prizes in 13th UCMAS National level Abacus & Mental Arithmetic Competition – 2014 held at New Delhi (Delhi University).The prizes that we won are

    1. 2 – Champions
    2. 35 – Runners UPs
    3. 234 – Merits
    4. 113 – Consolations Awards. Congratulations to you all.

Jai Ho UCMAS Punjab,H.P & Chd.,

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