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Smart technology is making our kids less smart.

A countrywide survey conducted by the Associated Chambers of Commerce and Industry of India (ASSOCHAM) found that 82% of the children in metro cities are technology addicted. It was also found that children aged 5 to 14 have their own mobile phone, tablet, iPad etc. This excessive access to technology has led to cases wherein children are becoming socially isolated and face insomnia, depression & other mental health disorders.

While smart technology has its uses, somewhere along the lines it is making our kids less smart. It is affecting the child’s brain in terms of concentration, brain power and making important decisions.

How to solve this problem?

Even in this technology-driven world, there are non-tech activities that can improve a child’s brain power. One such activity is Abacus learning which encourages kids to visualize a math calculation and solve it without any calculator. While shopping or buying candy, motivate them to calculate the bill in their minds. Make them memorize multiplication tables and solve basic math equations by visualizing numbers in the brain. Apart from this, there are several other activities that can boost your child’s brainpower including –

Jenga – Jenga is a widely popular game which has several benefits that can empower your child. The accurate and proper placement of blocks leads to the development of motor skills in children and makes them dexterous in handling things.

Sudoku – This ancient game accelerates the development of logical side of the brain and provides your child mental accuracy and sharpness. It is a non-tech activity that keeps children engaged for a long time.

Language Learning – Learning a new language has scientifically proven benefits for the brain. Apart from developing language skills, it creates new neural pathways in the brain that boosts a child’s reasoning, memory and concentration.

Board Games – Boards games are the go-to brain development activity for children. They encourage children to rationalize, connect with each other and enhance their problem-solving & decision-making skills.

Abacus learning – A holistic brain development tool, the abacus keeps the brain active and makes children proficient in math. It boosts their brain by utilizing the 6-finger technique that keeps them physically & mentally sharp.

Parents can keep track of their child’s progress through these activities and know where the kids lack and can focus on improving those skills.

Looking at the academic needs and challenges of the future, learning mental math can be critical for holistic brain development of today’s children. UCMAS is a World leader in providing Abacus based Mental Math Training to children aged 4-13 years. In our abacus math classes, we teach unique abacus-based calculation techniques to children, which help sharpen their math skills, increase confidence and make them excel in academics and beyond. Our mental math program also develops key cognitive skills for lifelong success of children.

For your child’s bright future, find the nearest UCMAS center here.

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